Task Flow

Task Flow

There's no question that many government agencies struggle to keep up with incoming correspondence, Tasks and inquiries. To compound the problem, agencies are under increasing pressure to automate, expedite, and track responses to correspondence from constituents and other agencies and organizations. Fortunately there is a solution that improves efficiency among governmental employees and helps ensure better service to constituents, other agencies, and external organizations.

Government agencies and departments are receiving increasingly large volumes of correspondence/Tasks in the form of letters, memoranda, administrative forms, e-mail, phone messages, faxes and others. The correspondence can be of many types, such as inquiries, invitations, comments, contracts, recommendations, action memoranda and memoranda of conversations and meetings. The receiving organization is responsible for managing the correspondence, i.e., creating files, performing the required management tasks and preparing responses. This invariably requires circulation and coordination among departments and staff for response creation, preparation, approval and delivery.

Most of the information within organizations are available through different document structures that are narrowly supported by Information Technology. This implies that most of the business processes is not actually supported by IT. Hence, a lot of paper work exists even with the existence of traditional Information Systems.

The solution for this is TaskFlow as an Automatic Document and Task Management System.

TaskFlow Document and Tasks management System has the ability to enable the client to effectively manage all of its archived data, and day-to-day data regardless of its format and at the same time fulfills the requirements of the solution as described by the client.

TaskFlow System is based on an open architecture that conforms to industry standards. It also contains a comprehensive suite of APIs that enables integration into existing line of business applications. As a result the solution fits into your existing business applications and processes in a non-intrusive manner.

TaskFlow solution is differentiated from the competition by these key points:

  • It is looking for world class process efficiency.
  • It is managing any open tracking path process.
  • The ability to scale to implementations of tens of thousands of concurrent users and billions of record objects.
  • The solution offers the most complete set of functionality for web-based clients.

Users can access any content archived in TaskFlow System from a single web-based interface, which provides them with access to data anytime, and everywhere.

TaskFlow Vs. Other Tracking/Workflow Systems?
Any system starts a business process with each document/task that enters the system. This task is then tracked for updates as it moves from one employee to another. Once an employee ends the task, the business process is closed and the task track is recorded in the system.

Regular tracking systems employ a predefined (closed) track for task types. This means that a certain path for each task type is designed before the employees actually start working. This of course limits the flexibility of work. While the Taskflow, on the other hand, additionally employs an open tracking strategy. This means that each employee is able to determine (with authorization) the next receiver of the task. Hence, allowing an infinite tracking path.

General System Features
The current version of TaskFlow Documents and tasks management system is version 4.1, below is a list of the general features that are available in this release.

  1. Adding the Client Logo in all System Screens as an organization Identification.
  2. Using Oracle (10G and above) and MS SQL server (2008 and above) as a System Back end.
  3. Unified user interface.
  4. Support most modern Internet Browsers. It is a Cross browser support (e.g. IE 9 and above, Google chrome, Firefox).
  5. Full support of Arabic and English languages.
  6. Create incoming, outgoing, and internal correspondences/Tasks with all necessary associate information.
  7. Arabic and English user interface.
  8. Unique barcode number for each generated correspondence/Task regardless its type on the level of the whole system.
  9. Barcode Sequence can be unique for all document types or specific for each document type.
  10. The ability to define a central archiving department to handle the outgoing correspondences/Task for all departments in the institution.
  11. Ability to capture physical documents through scanning.
  12. Security system is also available on the binder, folder, and document style levels in addition to providing a security system on opening and exiting documents in order to ensure integrity of work on documents. Moreover, TaskFlow DMS has the feature of searching in a number of binders and extracting a single display of all the search results.
  13. Concurrency Support while The TaskFlow system allows multiple users to log into the system using a unique user name and password to access different the System Modules. System Users can be classified into groups, each of which is granted certain authorities.
  14. Full Active Directory Integration while The TaskFlow system allows multiple users to log into the system using same organization active directory User credentials.

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