Web and Mobile Applications Development

BigStep provides web and mobile based product engineering for applications of varied types like Social Networks and Online Communities, Ecommerce, Consumer apps, Enterprise apps, SaaS platforms, Classifieds, Marketplaces, Digital publishing, etc. Our effective and efficient process-driven developments provide good ROI to our Clients By using matured web application frameworks and latest development techniques, we ensure that the applications we develop for our Clients are robust and scalable. .

Strategy and Consulting

We define Web and Mobile strategy as being more than a simple outward-facing web and mobile presence. At BigStep, we help clients craft a strategy that overcomes hurdles and fully leverages the combined team's capabilities. We analyze our Clients' requirements to build a product that meets business objectives and functional requirements, appeals to the audience, is technologically strong and is convenient to maintain.

MVP Development

Building and launching a strategic minimum viable product with core features enables you to kickstart your ideas. Take advantage of BigStep’s expertise in application develop ment to get on the exciting journey of starting-up. We will build and launch your MVP allowing you to shape product vision from early prototype. We will then work with you to develop your MVP to a full-featured product for long term success.


Software integration can sometimes appear a very lingering process, but we acknowledge its importance and are completely prepared for challenges. ScienceSoft’s experts ensure seamless integration of the software with your ERP, CRM, ECM or other business systems.


We use various IDE and tools, depending on the customer and technical resource preference.Our wide-ranging software development and app design technical expertise is essential to deliver transparent support when the customer decides to switch technical direction, undergo language, platform migration or integrate with external products. For several of our customers we worked in .NET and then moved the product completely into Java environment. We have also ported large Web SaaS products from Java to Ruby on Rails (RoR) and even from Java to .NET. Kanda got you covered no matter what and how you want you application or software developed.

guidelines are well documented and are taught to all employees based on internal document and industry’s best practices. These coding guidelines can be adapted to a particular customer’s requirements .For code security and penetration threat prevention Kanda Software has adapted secure software development guidelines developed by Security Innovation – the leader in code compliance and certification and application security risk reduction. If the customer requires an independent 3rd party audit of code Security Innovation will conduct threat assessments.

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